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to Tech Startup

How’s it work?

  • Own something you love?

    Could be a watch, a pair of shoes, a blender…

  • Record a 6-second video on your iPhone

    Tell us why you love it and why everyone else should own it too!

  • Upload to flik

    It’s one button away. Just taaaaaap it.

  • Discover new products

    See what your friends have that maybe you never knew about before.

  • Discuss

    Ask for recommendations, get answers before making a purchasing decision.

  • Dish out some love

    “Heart” some of your friends fliks. It makes them feel good.

What we did


We spent months crystalizing our ideas and molding our vision for the app. Frankly, we still get ideas here and there for the app.

Business Plan / Pitch Deck

As our ideas continued to morph, so did aspects of our business plan. But we still did our best to stay focused on our main goals.

Assemble a Team

We went out and searched for the smartest, most energetic, and creative people we could find. Then we convinced them all to work for free.


This tiny box can’t handle the amount of work that went into development. The app alone was 150,000 lines of code. Not to mention the api, db, website, server, etc.


We had an amazing group of early adopters who helped us out testing and refining the product. We went through countless iterations.


The hardest call we had to make was shutting the doors in 2015. It’s not goodbye, it’s goodbye for now. The idea is too good and will catch on some day…

  • Discover

    Explore products and places your friends love and recommend.

  • Post a request

    Ask the community for a recommendation and see what they suggest.

  • Location-based search

    Looking for something nearby? Find places around you your friends have been to and love.

  • Curated categories

    Find what might pique your interest with some curated lists tailored for you.

  • Professional marketing video

    Produced by creative agency in NYC

Skills we leveraged

iOS Development
Web Development (php)
Down time
Backend Development (db, api)
Product Management
Corporate Structure

Project Status:

No longer supported

It was a gut-wrenching decision, but we had to pull the plug on flik in the summer of 2015.
We like to say it’s goodbye for now because deep down we still know it’s a great idea.

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